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Iran Medicinal Plants

What are the Medicinal Plants?

Medicinal plants or herbs are plants that one or some of their organs contain active and effective substances. These substances are less than 1% of the dry plant weight but have effective medicinal properties for all living things including animals and humans.

The organs or parts of medicinal plants are including leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, resin, root bark, inner bark (and cambium), berries and sometimes the pericarp or other parts of the plant.


History of Medicinal Plants

Medicinal plants from immemorial time have played a very important role in people health. The first written version obtained from medicinal plants in the world's major civilizations such as ancient Persia, Egypt, the Middle East, ancient Greece, India and China can be traced back to 3000 B.C.

Today, their importance, necessity and value more and more known, especially in recent years that chemical drugs with all high efficacies have harmful effects so back to the use of medicinal plants has been considered. Universities, research centers, factories and the World Health Organization provide comprehensive research programs for the using of medicinal plants. All of them have considered which the role of medicinal plants in the twenty-first century is important and crucial.

May be interesting for you that the World Health center is estimated that more than 80 percent of people still rely or consider on traditional treatments like using of medicinal plants and etc.

Now the most countries like Iran develop a range of actions in the field of cultivation and using of medicinal plants. They have special attention to the application of the plant as an aid drugs  in the treatment of chemical or antibiotics, realize the value of plant health and the discovery of new materials such as vitamins, hormones, anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-tumor among plants.


Medicinal plants in Iran

Iran, like China and India is leading and pioneer in herbal medicine. We will realize the value of these plants in Iran's rich traditional medicine if we have a little attention into our culture and heritage. On the other hand Iran's wide Plateaus have various the climate and environments so we have more than 8000 specific valuable plant species in Iran that more than 2300 species of them are aromatic and medicinal plants and 450 species of these are medicinal plants. According to available statistics, there are more than 130 types of medicine plants in Iran.

The variety of medicinal plants and their influence in the health, safety, prevention and treatment of various diseases caused to establish different sciences for more using or enjoying of plant medicinal. Such as Medherbology science and scientists  in the past and now such as Socrates, Dioscoride, Razi, Herawi, Ibn Sina, Abu Rayhan Biruni, Jorjani, family Bakhtishu and other body which they develop this science in the world.

The law book is one of the world's most famous medical works. This most valuable resource wrote by Ibn Sina (Iranian physician and philosopher). In this valuable book, this Iranian scientist has been introduced 811 species of medicinal plants and its therapeutic properties. This valuable book was taught nearly seven hundred years in scientific centers in Europe and also in the time as one of the important sources of medical schools around the world, teaching and study placed.


Reasons of Tendency to medicinal plants

  1. Chemical medicines: chemical drugs with all the performance have adverse and harmful effects. Today has proved to be less pure substance that has no adverse effects.
  2. Create diversity in consumption culture.
  3. Increased confidence in the use of medicinal plants in industrial countries
  4. The environmental pollution
  5. Cheap medicinal plants against chemical drugs, availability and ease of using in the world especially in the developing countries.


Health and safety of medicinal plants

  1. The world standards: The medicinal plants have important role in human health, so the whole process from cultivation to consumption or markets should be in accordance with world standards. A medicinal plant should be identified by an herbalist expert and collect at the right time and transportation and storing it done properly.Harvest time is also very important because chemical compositions are different in terms of quality and quantity in different months and even on different days.
  2. Packing: producers of "plants medicines" pay special attention to these issues and try to follow their pack these issues :
  3. Routes of administration, therapeutic use , production date, license number, weight, name and scientific name of the plant, the use of which plant part such as flowers, leaves, roots, etc, the expiry date of consumption, observe the amount of drug on the drug or plant packing.
  4. Teaching (culture) of correct consumption:Use of medicinal plants and its products without the knowledge can have very dangerous effects so the suitable consumption culture of medicinal plants notified among consumers through the press, the media and even short-term training courses.Consumption of medicinal plants and products should be according on a specialist Physician opinion especially the medical issues.The suitable choice, the right time, consumption and other things are of the major matters in the consumption of these products which we should pay attention to them.


In the End

Glad to inform you that Ario Co is one of the main suppliers of Medicinal Plants with PREMIER quality in Iran. This company was founded in1985 and is providing and supplying high quality of Iranian products according on the world standards and customers satisfaction.
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