Dry Petals

Iran Dry Rose Petals (Without hip)

Description :

  • Name: Damask Rose
  • Scientific name: Rosa & Damascena
  • Variety: Dry
  • Part: Only Dry Petals (Without hip)
  • Color: Bright Pink or White
  • Quality: PREMIER and Super
  • Purity: 100%
  • Aroma: All parts of Flower are Aromatic.

Shelf Life : At cool place, cellophane & plastic and away from direct sunlight about 24 Months.

Harvest Time in Iran : May to June

Place of Origin : Iran

Usage :

  • Used more as spice or flavoring ingredient in spices mixture, foods, drinks (beverages, teas), pastries, sauces, desserts (ice creams) and other things.
  • Used for Medical consumption especially add to the other medical plants for prevent or treatment of diseases such as: Rheumatic pains, heart, strengthens of the nerves and stomach and remove some of the headaches.


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