Plant Medicinal

Here we present some of the herbs plants by their scientific names:

  • Amaranth: its Common Names is amaranth and its Family name is amaranth, too. Flower Color of them is green.
  • Blazing star: its scientific names is Mentzelia laevicaulis. Their common names are a blazing star, smooth stem blazingstar.
  • Bleeding heart or fumitory: their common names are steer’s head and their scientific names are Dicentra Uniflora.
  • Borage: this family has several types. One type of them is Amsinckia intermedia that its common name is fiddleneck. The scientific name of another type is Cryptantha circumscissa which its common name is matted crypantha. Another type of them is called stickseed or wild forget-me-not.
  • Buckwheat: rumex acetosella. Its common name is sheep sorrel.
  • Buttercup: this family also have several types. First of all, we can introduce you, Acontium columbianum that its common name is Monk’s, Hood. Another type is called Anemone piperi that was also known as piper’s anemone or windflower. Aquilegia Formosa is another type of plants that belongs to this family. Its common name is rocky mountain red columbine. Now I want to introduce you Delphinium bicolor that you may know it as little larkspur.
  • Calla-lily: Lysichitum americanum: its common name is skunk cabbage.
  • Caper: this family has two different types. One of them is named Cleome Iutea that its common name is yellow bee plant or yellow spider flower. Another type of them is called Cleome Serrulata and its common name is rocky mountain bee plant.
  • Composites, sunflower: this family has several types too. We introduce some of them. First of all, Achillea millennium is one plant of this family. Its common name is yarrow. Another plant is named Agoseris glauca that its common name is a false dandelion, short-beaked agroseris or pale agoseri.

Of course, we have numerous plants that we can’t introduce all of them here.