Licorice Leaves


Licorice Leaves Specification

  • Name: Licorice Leaves or Liquorice Leaves
  • Scientific Name: Glycyrrhiza Glabra Leaves
  • Part: Leaves & Branches / Twigs
  • Style: Dried
  • Color: Green & Brown
  • Quality: Organic, Cleaned & Sorted, Without any wood & metals, 100 % without Pesticides
  • Length:  Medium & Large
  • Width: Wide
  • Purity: 100%
  • Shelf Life: At cool place and cellophane & plastic about 24 Months.
  • Application: Purposes of Aromatic, Medicine, Pharmacy, Food, Beverage and Health.
  • Package: Exporting Cartons of 10 kg, Exporting Plastic Bags


What is Licorice or Liquorice Leaves?

Licorice or Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra), which is said "Mahk" in Persian, is a vegetable plant of green vegetables, native to south-eastern Africa, northern Africa and temperate regions of Asia and grow and harvest in most parts of Iran plenty. Glycyrrhiza Glabra leaves consist of 4 to 7 leaf pairs plus a tip of the leaf that is adhesive due to sap secretion. Its flowers are blue and its fruits contain 5 to 6 cubic centimeters. Licorice dried leaves are used for perfumery, pharmaceutical, sanitary, food and drink industries.


Licorice Leaves Medicinal Properties

  • The most important property of licorice that has been recently discovered, the treatment of peptic ulcer and gastric cancer.
  • This plant is useful for general strengthening of the body, and it prevents early aging and helps to soften the breasts.
  • Wash the sores and blisters of the skin with whipped cream until they get well.
  • Licorice plant is a laxative and is useful for treating indigestion and eliminating abdominal bloating.
  • To remove wounds and inflammation of the mouth, you can chew the root of the Licorice.
  • This plant relieves stomach upset and relieves shortness of breath.
  • This plant strengthens the eyes and fixes the headache.
  • If you consume Licorice before eating, it is effective for weight loss.
  • To treat the hair, pierce the Licorice face, and put the ointment on the sides to remove bad smells under the shoulders and feet.
  • In traditional medicine, Licorice is used to treat muscle spasm and swelling, bronchitis, rheumatism and arthritis.


Licorice Leaves Use

The Licorice herb is used as a flavor of tobacco, especially American cigarettes, which give them distinctive flavors. Licorice flavor uses as candy or sweet in some European and Middle Eastern countries. Licorice leaves are used in the purposes of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chocolate and confectionery, and are used in plant prescriptions and among the general public. Also, the essence of the Licorice leaves is used in aromatic processes.


Licorice Leaves Supplier

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