Safflower Petals

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Safflower Petals Specification

  • Product/ Common Name: Safflower Petals or Safflower Flowers
  • Scientific / Botanical Name:  Carthamus Tinctorius Petals
  • Safflower Part: Petals
  • Safflower Petals Appearance: Orange-Red & Orange-Yellow
  • Safflower Petals Color: Safflower Red & Safflower Yellow
  • Safflower Petals Quality:
  1. 100% Purity , Natural , Organic & Vegan
  2. 100% Dried, Cleaned, Sorted 
  3. Free of Gluten, Dairy, GMO
  • Safflower Petals Grade: Premium Safflower Petals
  • Safflower Petals Application:
  1. In Home: Dried Safflower use as a 100 % natural food color for cooking and Tea
  2. In Industries of Food & Beverage: Carthamus Tinctorius Petals use as Nature pigment and dye in Confectionery & Bars & Snacks & Chocolate & Dairy& Ice Creams & Baked Goods & Baby Foods & Alcoholic and etc.
  3. In industries of Medicinal (Pharmaceutical) and Cosmetic (Like Soap recipe)
  • Safflower Petals Storage: Keep in Cool & Dry Place & Away from the light
  • Safflower Petals Shelf Life: 12 Months from Production Date
  • Safflower Petals Package: Exporting Cartons of 10 kg, Exporting Plastic Bags of 25 kg
  • Safflower Petals Place of Origin: Iran
  • Safflower Petals Available: The Whole Year


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