Plant Medicinal

Our health be determined by on plants: for food, for medicines, for creating a healthy environment.

We requirement to eat plants to stay fit. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses (peas and beans), tubers (e.g. potatoes), and nuts are all plants. There is strong suggestion to show that we are naturally plant eating animals, and progressed from tree dwelling apes who ate mostly fruits, leaves, and sometimes nuts. Our guts are long - similar that of herbivores, which are planned to digest vegetation. The guts of carnivores are short to permit them to expel decomposing meat remains quickly. Meat is full of toxins from the animal at the time of decease, and these toxins can be fascinated into the blood, contributing to all sorts of sicknesses, including headaches, arthritis, cancer and heart sickness. Because we do not have a digestive organization designed to cope with meat, our health will suffer if we eat it.

One can use a fit well balanced diet based on natural plant nourishments both to:
Maintain good health and avoid diseases;
Treat diseases.
This use of food is named Dietary Therapy. Fresh wholefoods, eaten as close to their usual state as possible, are very active in allowing the body to heal itself from the sicknesses of modern civilisation.
Handled foods and animal products, composed with a lifestyle divorced from nature, are the major causes of many sicknesses. But health can be gently reinstated using natural wholefoods and healing herbs.
Many herbs also have significant medicinal qualities - and provided one does not play everywhere with poisonous plants - they are totally free of harmful side effects - unlike the modern drug manufacturing.

Creating a Healthy Environment:
Plants help to endorse health in more ways than just food and drug. Plants - especially trees and shrubs - recover the quality of the environment in many ways. They:-
Clean and oxygenate the midair;
Eliminate carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas);
Bind the soil and preclude its erosion;
Help controller the water cycle, (encourage normal rainfall, help prevent floods and droughts);
Moderate fever extremes.